Jump, I’ll Catch You!

I had a dream during the night I was on a train that went over a cliff but it was just hanging on the edge. Something was holding it back … Continue Reading →


Are We Wax Free?

Our hearts are like “Command Central”, our want-to center. Our obedience to God comes as a result of our desire to obey. It’s a manifestation of an obedient heart and … Continue Reading →


Promised Land or Bust

The Land of Promise or better known as the Promised Land isn’t the land of ease and comfort but the Land of Obedience, a land filled with the obedient hearted. … Continue Reading →


Whose Mark will you Bear?

The Lord woke me up saying, “There is a shift in ministry coming to strengthen the awake rather than awaken the asleep.” Times are changing and so must we. A … Continue Reading →

Gold Coins

What is Your Destiny Worth?

Is God getting ready to step onto the scene of the world’s financial picture? Could the paper “debt” base world “house of cards” possibly be on the verge of being … Continue Reading →


‘Til Death Do Us Part

What does it mean today when a person calls themself a follower of Jesus? Let’s first examine what Jesus meant when he said “follow me”. Many desired to follow Jesus … Continue Reading →


Fishing Anyone?

If you want to catch fish, you must first have the desire to catch fish. If you want to catch the souls of men, you must first have the desire … Continue Reading →


Only the Winged will Fly from Judgment

The Lord spoke to me recently saying, “America will become the school for the disobedient”. Then upon waking the other morning, that word was expanded. America has become the land … Continue Reading →


Where’s the Dead Wood?

There are many benefits of fire that can be seen in nature. If you were out in the wilderness and it was getting dark, the first thing you would want … Continue Reading →


Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

Is the Jesus preached in the majority of the churches today the same Jesus of the Bible? Most “believers” today would say yes but when examining the actual words of … Continue Reading →