Only the Winged will Fly from Judgment

The Lord spoke to me recently saying, “America will become the school for the disobedient”. Then upon waking the other morning, that word was expanded.prison

America has become the land of the disobedient, for the disobedient; the land for correction because the disobedient need to be corrected. When a people have become willingly disobedient, correction becomes harsher and more severe. No more slaps on the wrist.

Correction will now come without grace. No more warnings; quick retribution in order to deal with a rebellious heart. The rebel needs a whip to his back so a rebellious people need a taskmaster to teach them obedience. The taskmaster has arrived to deal with a people unwilling to be taught, unwilling to obey. Slavery is on its way. It began with an overindulgent society whose eyes where larger that their stomach, a society who couldn’t say no, who wanted more than they could afford.

Now they owe more than they can pay, but pay they will. They will pay with their future. They will pay with their children. Some will pay with their lives, others will pay with blood, sweat, and tears but all will pay. Because they rejected Me, they rejected my wisdom as well. The price tag of their ways was hidden to be revealed at a later time. That later time is soon, very soon and fast approaching.

America is no longer the land of the free but a land where its inhabitants just think they are free. They live in a “wildlife park” but haven’t discovered the fence yet. They are a captive to sin and the lusts of their heart. They are the slaves to whom they obey. (Romans 6:14)wildlife park fence

Let’s have a seat in the classroom of the Schoolmaster and see which school we belong, the school of the obedient or disobedient. The test is laid on our desk and it reads “Are you caged in the “wildlife park” or are you free? Are you the slave to your own desires or Mine? Can you deny yourself of what you want or do you gratify yourself with whatever you can afford?”

Okay, now it’s time to hand in your test. How did you do? How would the majority of those who claim to be Christians in America do? Do they obey the Lord or themselves? Do they even inquire of the Lord, the one they claim to be their small image gods wayMaster, saying “What is your desire for me? What would you have me do with my life, the one you purchased with your own life and blood? What would you have me do with the financial blessing you have entrusted me with?”

Either Jesus is our master or he isn’t. Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 that we can’t have two masters, No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Mammon means confidence in wealth or desire for wealth or gain. One could describe mammon as materialism, a disease that infects the prosperous; a disease that has found its way into the prosperous church of America. The vast majority of Americans serve mammon in order to serve themselves and their desires and gain the freedom to do as they will. Eating the fruit of mammon is what satisfies the servants of mammon.

rich and famousJesus said in Mark 10:23, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! 

When the disciples were astonished at these words, Jesus further explained, Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God! In other words, those who have, place their trust in what they have rather than in what they don’t have. Why trust in what you can’t see when you already possess all you need or want? They don’t trust in God because they don’t need to. Jesus warned us of a deceitful nature to riches (Matthew 13:22). The moment we breathe our last, will the trust we placed in our riches save us? Those riches we trusted in will have only served to make our lives hells-firemore comfortable in this life, not in the next.

There is a spiritual Babylon (Rev 18:3,4), a system if you will, in which the merchants of the world have become rich through the abundance of her delicacies; but a voice from heaven said “Come out of her my people, partake not of her sins”. Our carnal nature desires the abundance of her delicacies but a voice from heaven is now saying it’s time to separate.

Is Jesus truly your Master? Are you are truly His servant? If you are, then you have nothing to fear when judgment comes upon those who aren’t. If He isn’t your Master, Jesus said you must be “born-again” in order to be His. The Lord recently asked me a question, “How can a man be born-again if he’s never died once?” After pondering a while for the answer, I realized there is a death that must precede a new life and that death must be the death to self and our will. This is the death that will initiate our new life with Him.

caterpillar eating 2There are a number of similarities with our death to self in order to become a new creation in Christ and a caterpillar becoming a butterfly or moth. In order to initiate the metamorphosis and transformation of a worm to become a beautiful new creation, the caterpillar must first lay down its old life of eating leaves and become entombed, wrapped in its “grave Tiger_Swallowtail_pupaclothes” we call a chrysalis or cocoon.

I would imagine it’s a scary moment for a caterpillar to lay down its old life, giving up all it’s known as a worm and yet it does, not having experienced the final outcome of this decision. One might question, after I lay my life down and give up the only life I have ever known, will I be happy? Will I enjoy a new life? What will life be like not eating leaves, no longer eating “the fruit of mammon”?

Does the butterfly ever want to eat a leaf again? Something amazing happens during the transformation and process of metamorphosis; a new appetite is created for a new creation. This new creation now desires a new food to sustain it. It desires the sweet nectar of a beautiful flower and will never again consider its former food.

So it is when a man or woman is truly born-again, their appetites change as well. If someone claims to be “born-again” but is still eating the same old food, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the “born-again” experience. Did you first lay down and entomb the old life? If a caterpillar’s old life doesn’t become entombed, it will merely die a worm and never be transformed to become the beautiful butterfly it was divinely created to be.

Those who remain worms, attached to the things of this world and the cares of this life will continue their captivity, caged in their “wildlife park”. Only the winged will fly free.

tiger swallowtail 2


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  • Michael Weber says:

    . I have been having dreams of huge waves over the past several months. In the first dream (about 6 months ago), l was on the shore looking out over the ocean and I saw these huge waves but they were still quite a ways out and I felt safe. The next dream was about a month or two ago and I was in a town along the coast and there was a huge wave coming but in the dream I was up on a hill and the elevation was 144 feet and I knew I was safe and didn’t have to be concerned about the wave. The last dream which was a few nights ago, there was a huge earthquake and water like from a wave. started pouring into this city. I was with someone else in the dream while observing this. In the dream, after the earthquake and flood, I observed some type of store where military people were selling basic items (toothpaste, shampoo,etc) in small amounts. The person who was in charge was a staff sergeant. After this, I remember seeing people and some of them were horribly disfigured and looked almost inhuman. A brother who walks closely with the Lord had the same warnings of a coming tsunami. Of course, we know that this has spiritual meanings. I know that time is very short but I am concerned because many Christians are not prepared spiritually and are not manifesting fruits such as love (not worldly love), etc. Lord help me, my family and other believers to be ready to meet you!! Lord bless!


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