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Strength for the Journey now has a weekly radio program through the internet and shortwave radio. The purpose of the program is not to teach but to impart, to reproduce the work God has done in my life into the lives of others.
mic w waves blueThe Lord spoke to me many years ago that I could only reproduce in others what I already was. That the only one I would ever change was the guy I saw in the mirror every morning, but the changes I allowed him to make in me, He would use to change others.

God wants to use each of us to impact the world around us but the question is will we let Him start with us. The greatest heavenly followers become the greatest earthly leaders. God is no respecter of persons, what He does in one man’s life, He will do in another. Let it be the goal of all of us that we would become great Heavenly followers so God can use our lives to the utmost.

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Strength4thejourney Radio can now be heard via short wave radio through Flowing Streams Ministry on stations 5850 and 7455 at 10:30 PM Central each Saturday and Sunday all across the US and Canada. It can also be heard daily at 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM Central on the 24/7 internet radio program of Ministerio del Espiritu at http://ministeriodelespiritu.org

Program 141 (4-8-17)  What is the price we pay for compromise? Eskimos kill wolves with a sharp knife dipped in blood, buried upside down in the snow. As the wolf begins to lick the frozen blood on the knife, it cuts his own tongue. The more he licks, the more he bleeds until eventually the wolf bleeds itself to death. So compromise has a similar effect on our spiritual lives, living a life in the flesh one lick at a time.

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Program 140 (3-27-17)  On this program, we complete the 3-Part Series of the testimony of Boris Sorokovsky, how his family escaped the Iron Curtain by obeying the prophetic word of the Lord. On this segment we discuss the spiritual challenges the Russians families had in the “Promised Land” as their heart grew more fond of the blessing than the Blessor. 

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Program 139 (3-18-17)  My assistant David Guilliams joins me for part 2 of the testimony of Boris Sorokovsky. On this program we discuss how God led the Russian Christians into China in the early 1930’s after a year or two of waiting at the Russian border, separating those who desired to go back to their place of comfort from those who were willing to continue to trust God to lead them into their “Land of Promise”.

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Program 138 (2-3-17)  My assistant David Guilliams joins me for part 1 of a 3-part series to discuss the testimony of Boris Sorokovsky and how the Holy Spirit prophetically warned a number of Christian families in the late 1920’s to leave Russia just prior to Stalin’s reign of terror killing millions of his own citizens. It’s an amazing testimony and very applicable to the world we are now living in.

Click HERE for the link to the entire testimony.

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Program 137 (1-19-17) Recently 70 nations of the world met in Paris to attempt a final version of a 2 state solution regarding dividing the land of Israel. On this program we discuss the covenant God made with Israel and what the Bible says will happen to the nations that take part in dividing Israel.

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  • Ivan says:

    Thank for Jesus… good Program

  • Sanda says:

    Yes, “this new way of Life i so narrow that we cannot take ourselves into it, we have to leave ourselves behind”. T.A.S.

  • Paul says:

    Hi there

    I live in Nova Scotia Canada. I hear you. I cannot say anything about homosexuals in my country or you can be arrested as spreading hate speech.
    I have been seeking God on what and where to go. I am still waiting for his voice.

    Paul Dunn

  • Lynda says:

    That God we have this program.

  • Rosemary says:

    I heard you today, for the first time, on Trunews.com and you impacted my soul
    deeply. I am Catholic, with much strife at this time in our church at this time. We have too been told that a purification is necessary so we may rise up and create anew, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, for reminding us to listen to our Lord’s voice. Thank you and be safe, for your work is so important.

  • Heidi says:

    Thank you for the good word and warning. I feel there is a lack of hunger for the whole truth of God’s word where I live. So many people only want to hear about God’s love and not about fearing God and holiness. I am asking God to search my heart and show me everything that is not of Him that I may live and walk blamelessly in Him, to His glory

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