Jump, I’ll Catch You!

I had a dream during the night I was on a train that went over a cliff but it was just hanging on the edge. Something was holding it back from going totally over the edge. Everyone on board was trying to figure a way of saving themselves but the reality was it wasn’t going to happen.

It was like the people had been watching too many super-hero movies. The reality was the people aboard needed to make choices with the time that remained and come to the reality the train couldn’t be pulled back from the edge.


After I awoke, I believe the Lord gave me the interpretation of the dream. The Lord has made a decision regarding the future of America. He wants His people to resign any attempt to save their lives.

He’s saying it’s time to lose our lives…for Him.

Any hope of the train being pulled from the edge of the precipice isn’t going to happen. Any hope of life going back to the “Good ‘ol Days” isn’t going to happen. We are now on God’s time clock, not our own. Any attempt to go back on our time clock will be futile.

Just as those on the train needed to resign the idea of life returning to normalcy, realize the good ‘ol days are only a memory and any attempt of returning will be futile.lordsvineyard

There is a harvest to be reaped and God is looking for laborers in His vineyard. He pays well. You will receive a full days wage for working the end of the day.

about to jumpThere were those in the Twin Towers on 9-11 that realized their lives were shortly coming to an end and with no hope of their former surroundings giving any security, their only hope was to jump. There was more hope to free-fall than have solid footing in their former surrounding.

God is saying, “It’s time to jump. It’s time to put your total trust in me.”

“Leap from the old world and your old life. I am waiting to catch you and save you but not only save you but use you. I want to restore you and heal you from the trauma of the former life but you must realize there is no hope if you hang on to the former life.

The train is over the edge, the building is on fire. “Stick head out of the window and breath the fresh air. See the beautiful blue sky.”

“Jump, I’ll catch you!”

leap I'll catch you

The Lord gave my family and I instructions to leave to sell all, leave the only life we ever knew and move to a foreign land with foreign people, knowing neither the language nor any person.

It was as if He said, “Jump, I’ll catch you.” He caught us. He is faithful, He’ll catch you too.


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  • Dean Corse says:

    Not only a good word, but a very timely word. Thank you.

  • Mary says:

    Hola, Dios bendiga tu vida y la de toda tu familia.
    Tambien Dios bendiga este ministerio que te ha
    Confiado a Ty y a Los que te rodean.

    Hello, God blessed you live and yours family’s
    Lifes ; also God blessed this ministry that, He
    Has entrusted you with. And all the people that
    Surrounds you.

    It’s a blessing to me to have just the chance
    To be able to read what the Holy Spirit
    Speak and write through you.

    God blessed you.

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