Where’s the Dead Wood?

dead woodThere are many benefits of fire that can be seen in nature. If you were out in the wilderness and it was getting dark, the firstfire thing you would want to do is build a fire. That fire would give you protection from the wild beasts during the night. That fire would give you warmth and comfort and protection from the elements during the nighttime hours. That fire would also give you light, allowing you to see your surroundings and give guidance and direction if you needed to move about.

The times we live in are getting dark and we need the Fire of God in our lives now more than ever. The Fire of God will do the same things for us spiritually as the natural fire did for the person needing fire in the wilderness. It will give us protection from the spiritual wild beasts and the attacks from the enemy for the testimony of our faith. We will need to find comfort in the flame of God. We will need to find comfort in the ultimate Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

We need an intimate relationship with Him in our lives now more than ever before. The Fire of God will bring illumination and allow us to comprehend our surroundings and give us guidance. Just as the Shekinah lit the Temple of Jerusalem when the sacrifice was offered, the Fire of God will light up this temple made without hands and illuminate our paths as the days we live in get darker and darker.

In 2 Chronicles 7:1, when Solomon dedicated the Temple, the fire that ignited the sacrifice came down from Heaven and then in verse 5, the people dedicated the house of God. Today we are that house of God, the temple of the Holy Spirit and the time is now for that dedication.

All revival fire needs is one man or woman, totally dead to self, laying their yielded life down on the altar. Once that process has been completed, there is something to light on fire.

If anyone has ever attempted to start a fire with live wood, it’s nearly impossible because it’s still wet. It has to be dead wood or dried wood. Luke 9:23 requires, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. Once the sacrifice of a man or woman, totally surrendering their lives and denying themselves is completed, then God has some “dead wood” to light on fire.

All reproduction begins with a seed. The Lord spoke to me many years ago, “You can only reproduce in others what you already are.” God is looking for “dead wood” to reproduce. Once he finds the “dead wood” to ignite the fire, the fire can spread. More “dead wood” is needed for revival fire to spread but just as a forest fire spreads as the first tree on fire dries out the adjacent trees igniting them too, a “man on fire” will ignite those around him too. Ignited people will ignite the world around them.

God just needs that first tree to ignite. He’s searching for a tree.

Will you be that tree to start the fire?

tree on fire

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