Panama Power Crusade 2013

Third Day Power conducted a Power Crusade in Panama for 2 weeks from November 21- Dec 2, 2013. You can experience the Crusade for yourself as each event has been captured by picture and video. 

5 minute video of entire crusade…

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Here’s an interview on Strength4theJourney Radio with Jannet and Ray Clark of Third Day Power during a 2-week crusade in Panama. Jannet shares her testimony of becoming a born-again believer after living the first 26 years of her life as a Muslim, how God fulfilled a 12 year dream of hers to become the first woman ever on the Power Team, as well as both sharing how God divinely crossed their paths to become husband and wife.  

   Download Here

11 Day Crusade Schedule…

Thursday, November 21

(9:00 AM) TV interview on Panama TVN Channel 2

Jannet and Ray front TVNTVN interview with Third Day PowerTVN Ray break baseball bat






What an opportunity to share the Gospel with power demonstrations to people all over Panama.

(7:00 PM) Ministering at a concert at Casa de Oracion Cristiana in Panama City

Concert in Panama City

Concert w translator







There were many young people that came that came to a concert to hear music but got more than that. They got to hear a powerful testimony of the power of God unto salvation, converting a former Muslim to a believer in Jesus Christ.

Friday, November 22

(10:00 AM) Third Day Power ministered at the Panama City Children’s Hospital (Hospital del Nino)

Hospital del nino

Ray bends steel bar into a pretzelJannet ministering in Childrens HospitalJannet praying with the childrenP1000273






Not only did we get the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the children but got to pray for them as well.



(2:00 PM) Event at Albrook Mall  in Panama City (Food Court by the Giant Carrusel)

AlbrookMall-CarruselJannet n Ray ministering at Albrook MallJannet tearing phone book Albrook MallPassing out tracts






The Lord opened the door to minister at the Albrook Mall in the Carrusel Food Court. We passed out several hundred tracts to a number of enthusiastic children.



(7:00 PM) Minister at Cristo Victoria Da in Colon, Panama (Pastor Carlos Rosales)

Jannet ministering in Colon

Ray ministering in ColonRay Jannet Samuel ministeringColon church receiving Jesus






Jannet Salvations in Colon

Many people for salvation

Pastor Carlos and RayP1000305






Many hungry people for a relationship with Jesus came forward at Pastor Carlos’ church in Colon, Panama.



Saturday, November 23

(6:00-9:00 PM) Youth Crusade at Refugio Divino in David, Panama (Pastor Eriberto Camarena)

P1000313Jannet ministering Refugio Divino youth


Pastors Camarena Jannet n Ray






Jannet and Ray had the opportunity to minister to the youth at Refugio Divino with Pastor Heriberto Camarena in David, Panama. Their time of ministry there re-inspired the pastor’s passion for souls. 



Sunday, November 24

(11:00 AM-3:00 PM) Sunday morning service at Lirio del Valle in Boquete, Panama (Pastor Ivan Rios)









Jannet has a little fun lifting 2 children over her head as they hang on to a steel bar. She delivers and encourages the church with a confirming prophetic word. 

Monday, November 25

Special Dinner with Pastor’s Ivan Rios, Heriberto Camarena ,and family members.









Tuesday, November 26

10:30 AM  Minister at University of Panama Agricultural Extension in David, Panama

3D Power U of P poster


P1000343P1000347Ray at U of Panama bends steel bar


Children bussed to U of P event


God provided an incredible opportunity to minister at the University of Panama Agriculture extension. Over a hundred young children were bused in for the event whose lives were touched and changed. A number of young adults were invited to attend at the last moment as they were sitting around the campus in the cafeteria or on park benches. They came and because of limited seating, they had to sit in the back of the auditorium. A very exciting moment occurred when many of those who came at the last moment raised their hands to receive Jesus.



2:00 PM Minister at the University of Panama Medical Extension in David, Panama




P1000370Standing for Christ U of P Med





Rain pouring down


God graced us with a break in the weather. It poured down rain just before the event then cleared up with just enough time for a number of the youth to give their hearts to the Lord. Just after we finished, the rain came pouring down again.



Wednesday, November 27  


Thursday, November 28

(11:00-1:00 PM) AM Participate in Independence Day celebration parade in Boquete, Panama

Band in parade

paradeTown parade w Ted






2:00-4:00 PM) Open air Power Crusade in Puerto Armuelles, Panama near Costa Rica

P1000388 P1000391Ray ministering in Puerto AmuerresP1000392

A  number of youth and adults came to an outreach in a park by the ocean in Puerto Armuelles, Panama near the border of Costa Rica. Many of them just happened to be in the park and came out of curiosity but were touched by the message. 




Friday, November 29

(2:00-3:00 PM) Open air crusade at Central Park in the town square in Boquete, Panama

P1000413 P1000421P1000418


This park in the center of Boquete, Panama is where the vision of the Power Crusade all began. The number of people that came forward to give their hearts to the Lord was a fulfillment of a vision come true. God is able to do above and beyond even what we can imagine. Psalm 37:5  Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. 

(7:00-10:00) Crusade in Caldera, Panama (Chiriqui Province)

Ray ministering in CalderaP1000436P1000437P1000447P1000449



Jannet had a little fun with the young people of Caldera but the message spoke to their hearts and many of them made a decision that night to give their lives to the Lord . 



Saturday, November 30

(4:00 PM) Power Demonstration to the Panama government officials and Boquete Independence Day Parade audience

P1000463P1000465Jannet tears licence plate Boquete paradeP1000471Ray bends steel bar Boquete parade Ray breaks baseball bat Boquete parade










(7:00 PM) Youth Power Crusade at Lirio del Valle, Boquete, Panama (Pastor Ivan Rios)








A powerful time of ministry as Ray and Jannet minister how Jesus wants an intimate relationship with all of us.




Sunday, December 1

(11:00 AM) Minister at Refugio Divino in David, Panama (Pastor Eriberto Camarena)

Jannet minister in David Sunday AM churchP1000521P1000515


 Jannet shares an illustrated message on the 3 Hebrew children being bound and thrown into the fiery furnace because they wouldn’t compromise and encouraged the church to follow their example. To close the service Jannet had an encouraging prophetic word for the pastors and the church.




Thank you, Thank you!! A great big thank you to our crusade interpreters, Suzanna and Eli. We couldn’t have done the crusade without you. 

Translator Suzi


 And most of all, thank you Jannet and Ray for your service to the Lord Jesus Christ. Many, many lives will forever be changed because of your obedience to come to Panama and use your gifts to serve Him.



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