After selling all and moving to a foreign land, knowing no one nor the language, God has done amazing things here with my family and me. God’s hand has been evident as He has put us in a position to influence people and reach the lost. Thank you Pastors Charlie and Judith Ellen Moody (Family Worship Center, Libby, MT)  for all your support, trusting that God called us to the mission field.

Shortly after giving my life to the Lord in 1986, I became the photographer for the ministry of Charles and Frances Hunter and had the privilege to travel around the world with them, assisting them in their crusades. After arriving in Panama in July of 2012, the Lord put on my heart to conduct crusades here using the experience I received while traveling with the Hunters. The first crusade we held was in March, 2013 with Charles and Frances’ daughter, Joan Hunter. During the 3-day event, nearly 3500 people attended and several hundred gave their hearts to the Lord and numerous were healed.

In November, 2013, we conducted our next crusade with our dear friends, Jannet Abraham Clark and her husband Ray of Third Day PowerJannet was the first woman to minister with the Power Team and they have a real passion for the lost.  

They use their physical strength to capture the attention of an audience by breaking bricks, breaking baseball bats over their leg, blowing up hot water bottles as it were a mere balloon, turning 1/2 inch steel bars into pretzels, bending horseshoes and frying pans, and tearing large telephone books…all with their bear hands.

Here’s a short video of the crusade last fall

In July, my long time friend Ted Heath, came to Panama and helped light a fire of evangelism as he brought 7000 Chick Tracts in his luggage. We distributed tracts and preached the gospel on the streets and in churches across the Chiriqui Province.

Just after Ted arrived back in the States, he sent another 27,000 tracts to Panama and all of those tracts have been now been distributed. We raised the funds to purchase over 100,000 Chick Tracts and they just arrived in Panama this week. 

Our last crusade of 2014 will run from November 19-Dec 18 as Jannet and Ray Clark of Third Day Power will join us again for Panama Power Crusade 2014. We’ll be ministering and distributing those 100,000 tracts, preaching and doing power demonstrations in town squares, colleges and high schools, prisons, and churches across Panama.

Revival is coming to Panama. If you would like to take part in the harvest of souls,  you can place a donation through the PayPal button at the upper right portion of the webpage. We welcome any donation of any size and all donations will go directly to the expenses of the crusades.


If you’d like to participate financially in the next Chick Tract order to reach the lost in Central and South America, send a check payable to Chick Publications. Our goal is to reach a total of $20,000.00 to purchase approximately 250,000 tracts. As of August 1st, we have reached a total of 12,000. Our goal is to acquire another $8000.00 by the end of August to get the shipment sent out by the first part of September. We will receive a 50% discount and free shipping to Panama.

There are two ways to send money to Chick Publications. You can either send a check or wire the money directly to Chick Publications.

If you send a check, in the memo section on the bottom left of the check, write Acct #2059 (Strength4thejourney).

Mail to:

Chick Publications

Attn. Reba Parkinson

8780 Archibald Ave

Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730

If you’d rather wire the money directly to Chick Publications, contact us for wiring instructions. We will email the instructions to you.

Thank you and may the Lord bless your obedience in your giving to reach the lost.


  • Craig Glowen says:

    Thanks for sending this——-VERY GOOD & SOUL SEARCHING!!!!!!


  • Susan Hamilton says:

    Hi Steven: I always enjoy listening to you on Trunews. I think you are very honest and have a heart for the Lord. I am a single 64 yrs. old who want to spend the rest of my life being used by the Lord to save souls. I want to be in a place that people are hungry for the word of God. I would love to join you in you missionary and participate in what you doing first for a short term and find out if that is what my calling is and then for longer terms. If you dont have this kind of ministry and you know some other group who do would you please let me know?
    God bless you,


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