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(July 31,2015)  My good friend and associate in the ministry David Guilliams, joins me as we guest host Trunews while Rick Wiles is away taping programs for the Jim Bakker Show. We discuss the refining changes and growth that occur in a believer’s life once they leave their comfort zone. 

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(May 20, 2015) Part 2 continues with the practical application and “how to’s” of “Leaving to Go-With Purpose”. Rick has invited fellow watchmen Stephen from Panama, Dr. Daniel Daves and their in-studio guests John and Erick to share what God has been saying to each of them individually through dreams and visions about leaving/going from the United States.

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(May 19, 2015)  With Rick on a ministry assignment, familiar friends join the broadcast for a discussion with the theme “Leaving to Go-With Purpose”. Has God called us to merely leave, or to go with His purpose in mind? Stephen from Panama and Dr. Daniel Daves guest host TRUNEWS with Day 1 of a powerful two part series, interviewing two men God has recently called to leave the US through prophetic dreams and visions.

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(April 13,2015)  Dr Daniel Daves of and James Bailey of join me and Rick Wiles for an interview of prophetic dreams that all of us have had regarding the current administration and the warning the Lord is giving His people to be completely obedient to be where He wants to be and be there when He tells them to be there.

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(January 9, 2015)  Second part of a two day interview from Panama, Rick is joined Dr. Daniel Daves, Erick Enz, Stephen, and David. Each share how the Lord has used prophetic dreams and visions to lead them and others out of Babylon and into new works outside the U.S.

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(January 8, 2015) Broadcasting from Panama, Rick addresses the recent response to the Rebecca Sterling program from Tuesday then he hosts a round-table discussion with Daniel Daves, Erick Enz, and Stephen.

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  • Juanita Mitchell says:

    Hello! I’ve have been listening to TRUNEWS for the last three months now , and I heard your testimony about God telling you to sell all your things and move to Panama! I have been an little confused myself because, alot of people say that when things start going down hill Jesus is going to return! So lately I’ve been feeling in my spirit to learn in other language, and to not get to comfortable with me and children life here in the states! I mean I try to block out those feelings, but then they come back to me! It’s not an spirit of fear that comes with it, it’s just like some instructions with peace. I feel my spirit telling me not to get relaxed! I don’t mean to waste any of your time, but I just wanted to get your opinion on this because everyone else tells me that there’s nothing to be concern about!

    God Bless; Juanita Mitchell

    • s4tj says:

      There are many who would like to tell you there’s nothing to be concerned about but they will tell you that in order to comfort themselves. All of us are responsible for what the Lord is speaking to each of us indevidually. The words of man will not be what we will ultimately accountable to on the day of judgment but the words of God to us especially the rhema words of God to our spirit. Let the peace of God rule in your heart and follow those words in obedience. All other words are nothing but distracting, confusing, and confounding words. Keep your face directed in the direction of the voice of the Master. He will guide you through the storm.

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