Chick Tract donations

If you’d like to participate financially in the next Chick Tract order to reach the lost in Central and South America, send a check payable to Chick Publications. Our goal is to reach a total of $20,000.00 to purchase approximately 250,000 tracts. As of August 1st, we have reached a total of 12,000. Our goal is to acquire another $8000.00 by the end of August to get the shipment sent out by the first part of September. We will receive a 50% discount and free shipping to Panama.

There are two ways to send money to Chick Publications. You can either send a check or wire the money directly to Chick Publications.

If you send a check, in the memo section on the bottom left of the check, write Acct #2059 (Strength4thejourney).

Mail to:

Chick Publications

Attn. Reba Parkinson

8780 Archibald Ave

Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730

If you’d rather wire the money directly to Chick Publications, contact us for wiring instructions. We will email the instructions to you.

Thank you and may the Lord bless your obedience in your giving to reach the lost.

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